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Keep this follow text (copy this follow text) for future generation (for your neighbour, and friends, descendants, near and distant relateds, and the others): 

Go by way of Christianity or (or and) Jewish believe, which are only protected and therefore passable. Develop spirituality in harmony with your life, with Will of God… ) What has to do with mysticism in following text, it has to do also with spirituality, psychology, metaphysics, and philosophy (and something like that): Avoid the others books, works and writings, which are not originated from church or community ( thinking these, which are not in harmony with God´s Will). Not engage in gnosis and similar texts, books ar mysticisms, (which exists in harmony with God’s Will) which church (or community) existing in harmony with God´s Will expressly doesn’t recommend. So do only this, what is recomended by church (or community), only by the church (community), which is in unity ( and harmony ) with God´s Will.. It has to do also with works, books and writings (publications), which are not in unity (and harmony) with God´s Will. See further to mysticism. Also in things, which has to do with body, soul and spirit exist baits, (which is necessary to surmount them) and some which I mention further: The word „attention“ and „ not recommend“ has same meaning in following sentences as association of words „ avoid it“ : According to Decalogue we are competent and invited to consecrated the seventh day, because the Lord did the heaven and earth in six days and the seventh day He rested. It is rather our need. Each sunday (or saturday evening) it is need to go to church for mass and for holy receiving – or/and to synagogue - (it gives protection for whole following week). It is necesary to pray ( to ask) to Mother of God – Virgine Mary. It is also necessary to ask – to pray daily pray of rosary (with request of Fatima*) - see mystical pray in first chamber and see Five month devotion to Virgine Mary of Fatima and devotion to Virgine Mary Mystical Rose – see book in sheets), to age of thirty years: mystical pray in first chamber (then pass from to next, see book: St. Therese from Jesus: Castle in interior, Carmel publisher, see internet pages on : www.kna.cz ) It will be good, when at least once for time human being will be also praing (asking) for prayings formulated by own words or also prayings which are in this text written. By this human being penetrates into deeper spiritual company and requests (prayers) are becoming remarkable charge and power. Request (prayer) of rosary can be asked (prayed) also for people, which are passing, taking walk, or live around me (you) or have the same day birthday or name´s day. I recommend to request (pray) rosary for Mary´s intention. Don´t forget devotion to Saint Joseph after rosary.

Continue request ( prayer) of scapulary can be requated (prayed) daily (see in stitched book). Don´t engage in porns, avoid masturbation (onany), which is in variance with healthy sexuality, exists also masturbation (onany), which can be in harmony with healthy sexuality for example in puberty (pubescence or adolescence) and avoid homosexual intercourses (homosexuality is probably psychic problem as far as psychic illness or other unharmony (?)), polygamy ( changing of partners, which is trace of unfaithfulness), avoid using sexual helps and so on. Be without lust. Be moral. Be holy also in which takes about sexual aspect… I recommand method of natural planning of parentage (parenthood). Avoid using of any types of contraception.

Don´t uncover nakedness of fellow beings or self – your nakedness uncover only before your sexual partner… it is your and their nakedness… But it is self-evident, that for example it is not sin the uncovering of nakedness before doctor, when it is inevitable and in concerning of healthy of being… Be your partner faithful. Abominableness is for example nudism, it is necessary avoid it (and like each abominableness). Don´t engage in masturbation (onany) ( it is possible, that it can discover in pubescence or adolescence or , but engaging in it it would bring bad fruits.) It is possible, that some individuals can have differently long (not only) masturbational crises, it is possible pass through it correctly in cooperation with God…
Don´t harm (don´t sin) by word.

P.S. You can write some comentary/ies, see below...


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Tornado, earchquakes?! No, it is XEvil.

(MashaSargy, 12. 12. 2017 21:54)

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XEvil 4.0 je revoluční aplikace, která může obejít téměř veškerou ochranu proti botnetu.
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